Nutrition Success at Dunniwood Lodge Care Home

Dunniwood Lodge Care Home, part of the Astonbrook family, is one of the care homes in Doncaster who have gone above and beyond NHS expectations since nutrition training was implemented.

A total of five staff members attended the training over two sessions, and as requested, this was then disseminated to the rest of the staff over a 2 week period. All residents were screened using the MUST and any of those identified with a MUST score of 1 or above were prioritised. Nutritional care plans along with the relevant documentation were adapted and colour co-ordinated so action could be taken. This enabled all care staff to be aware of those at risk of malnutrition.

One aim of the training was to enhance the overall wellbeing of residents by reducing the amount of prescribable oral nutritional supplements (ONS). These were to be replaced by the implementation of food fortification (adding macro and micronutrients to foods without altering the volume) and providing homemade high calorie ‘MUST’ snacks and ‘MUST’ drinks and/or shots.

Dunniwood Lodge personalised the food fortification instructions to each resident dependant on their regular meal choice, for example, residents with a MUST score of 1 were made porridge with full cream milk, and those with a MUST score of 2 were made porridge with full cream milk and cream.

The ‘MUST’ snacks information we provided was developed even further through a considerable amount of research by the cooks. Twenty different high calorie bite size snacks were tried and tested with the residents; those which were best suited were allocated on a 2 per day 1 week rolling snack menu. Texture diets and thickened fluids were also considered throughout.

You can read the full report here