Intermediate Care

Intermediate and reablement care for residents coming out of hospital

Our intermediate care service provides care for people who no longer need to be in hospital but may need extra short-term support to help them recover.

If your loved one has recently suffered an illness or injury, or has needed to undergo surgery for any reason, they may need support to get back on their feet. At Astonbrook, our care homes provide the best in intermediate care for our residents. This involves medical and physical support from our fully-qualified nursing staff, helping your relative to undertake various exercises to improve their independence.

When it comes to any form of care, we know that there really is no place like home. That’s why at Astonbrook care homes, we provide an environment that allows our residents to make the space their own, no matter how long their stay. We run a range of activities so that your loved one has the chance to engage with interests and hobbies even during their reablement, while interacting with others in the care home environment.

We also pride ourselves on the provision of our nutritionally-balanced home-cooked meals, catering to a wide variety of tastes and dietary requirements for our residents.

With care homes in Greater Manchester, Yorkshire, Somerset, and County Durham, we can help you to find the best possible intermediate care for your loved one in the local community.

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Intermediate Care - Astonbrook Care Homes

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