Nursing Care

24/7 support for residents requiring care from a qualified nurse

Astonbrook provides comprehensive nursing care for our residents requiring around-the-clock support for rehabilitation or long-term illnesses. All of our nursing staff are fully-qualified to care for your loved one, no matter what their needs.

When it comes to care homes, there’s really no place like home. As such, our nursing care incorporates both the emotional and medical side of caring, meaning that not only are the general healthcare needs of your relatives met, but that they feel understood and safe in the environment they’re in. With the ability to call on help at any time, day or night, your loved one will feel secure in the knowledge that our nursing care service will provide for them in their time of need, prioritising their wellbeing above all else.

Support for everything, from medical treatments to general hygiene and emotional wellbeing, is provided as part of our nursing care services, all of which is delivered in a compassionate way. This ensures that even when the highest levels of support are required, your loved one can still live with dignity.

With care homes in Greater Manchester, Yorkshire, the West Midlands, Somerset and County Durham, we can help you to find the best care home environment for your loved one in the local community.

For more information on our nursing care services, and to find out more about your local Astonbrook Care Home, please get in touch!

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